Solving the workspace puzzle.

Don’t try this alone.

Furnishing a workspace is one of those projects that seems complicated at first – then proceeds to become more complicated than you could ever imagine. It’s not for the faint of heart, and certainly not for amateurs.

When you start, it’s as if you have all the pieces to, say, a ten-thousand-square-foot jigsaw puzzle in piles at your feet. At D2P we put all those pieces together, and relish the task.

We’re on top of the latest innovations in workspace design. We specify and sell only the highest quality, most appropriate furniture, lighting and structural solutions for business. We’d like to say we’ve fully mastered the complexity of what we do, but of course, it challenges us every day.

It’s how we address those challenges that makes us different.


What we do. 

Our job is putting the right office space solution, right where it needs to be, on time and on your terms. We curate and assemble desks, chairs, workstations and storage systems into ingenious, hardworking business assets. We are not salespeople; we’re design professionals.

To you, that makes us the ultimate Problem Solvers. This is our promise, pure and simple:

We will stand beside you until the work is done.