Design to perform.

That’s the heart of d2p.

It’s how we’ve structured our business, and how we help your business achieve more.

Founded by interior designer Rebecca Denison Schultz, d2p is a total-service office furniture dealership. We’re not salespeople, but a group of accomplished space planners, ergonomicists and installation managers. Coming from the design industry, we do things differently.

Rather than forcing you to follow our processes, we wrap our team around you. Each client is linked with a project manager, who draws on in-house expertise to generate concepts, drawings, specifications, scheduling, delivery and worry-free installation. Every step is guided by our holistic view of the client’s business culture and needs.

Well-conceived workspaces can achieve lofty business goals. We’ll settle for nothing less. So when you tell us what you want, we hope you’ll also tell us what you want to achieve.

D2P solutions can show you solutions that:  

  • Maximize use of space
  • Energize your office culture
  • Boost productivity
  • Build customer loyalty
  • Welcome clients
  • Exude competence
  • Showcase your brand
  • Accommodate work styles
  • Nurture innovation
  • Attract and retain talent