Design to perform.┬áThat’s the heart of d2p. It’s the essence of how we work and how we help make your business environments perform better and more cost effectively.

Founded by Rebecca Denison Schultz, d2p is a total-service office furniture dealership, bringing together space planners, designers and project management experts with proven talents and a record of success. We are a balanced company with the ability to harmonize your office environments with your business goals, internal culture and external brand.

Coming from the design industry, we do things differently. For us, it’s not about providing a workstation, a desk or a chair. Our goal is to provide quality office furniture solutions – on time and on budget – that help you achieve your productivity goals, capitalize on your available space, and create environments that attract new business and maintain top-tier employees.

Through creativity and innovation we find ways to give you a valuable return on your investment. Our demonstrated results range from increased market share for one client to a decline in employee turnover rates for another.

High-performing, adaptable furniture solutions help create environments that impact your business in immediate and measurable ways. They can nurture the human spirit, act as a catalyst to visionary thought, aid operational efficiencies, and positively impact top-line sales revenues and bottom-line income. d2p welcomes the opportunity to help you achieve well-designed work environments that perform.

Our Team

Take a look at our family and you will find hard working, responsible, ethical and passionate individuals … and through it all, we have fun together. We understand that “work” and “personal lives” are not separate. We are sensitive and compassionate to this fact. We hire the whole person. Dedication to our team members results in the reciprocal – dedication OF our team members who want nothing more than to see this company and our clients succeed.

We always welcome resume’s for job considerations. Please click here to do so.